Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services

Remote Nutrition:  We have a lot of remote clients that we service via FaceTime.  This type of service is also very effective.  Clients weigh themselves the morning of the scheduled call, meal plans are delivered via email and recipes are given as well.  Unlimited email support is part of the remote service.  Please see pricing below (same pricing for in-person clients due to the time allotted for each client).
The Basics:  $175.  This includes a full consultation, a personalized meal plan, and one follow-up session.
The Lifestyle Program (12 weeks):  $500.  The program includes a full consultation, a personalized meal plan, 12 follow-up sessions, unlimited email support, a personalized workout program, a Zyto Scan, and free admission into any of our wellness workshops.   You will be required to meet with your Nutritionist on a weekly basis for weigh-ins, measurements, body fat analysis, and any changes to your plan.  This package is designed to keep you motivated, guided, and fully supported.  Follow-ups are 30 minutes only.
Family Nutrition:  $275.  This program is for your entire immediate family (parents and their children only).  Finding the right balance of food and nutrition for both parents and children can be challenging.  Cooking for a whole family can be challenging.  This program includes one-on-one nutrition counseling where we will assess each family member’s current health status, eating habits, lifestyle, and then find a systematic approach to healthy-eating and nutritional needs.  We will discuss easy and healthy recipes, reading food labels, and shopping healthy on a budget.  One free follow-up is included in this program.
Corporate Wellness (2 OR 4 OR 6 week programs):  We come to your office or facility to educate your employees on health and nutrition, while reducing your medical costs and personnel absenteeism.  Call us directly for more details.
Zyto Scan (Your Roadmap to Health) $100.  Zyto is a hand scan that sends bio-electrical waves through your body to detect imbalances and biomarkers that could indicate health risks.  Our special programming can recommend supplements and remedies that suits your body’s biological preference to roadmap your way to health.  This scan is fast, painless, and harmless to your body.  It’s the most popular health tool today used by most Nutritionists, Chiropractors, Holistic Doctors, and Neuropathic Doctors.
Sandra’s HealthyFit Menu Planning:  We will come to your food service facility and help you create a low-calorie/low-fat menu for your health-conscious customers.  Call us directly for pricing.
Wellness Parties:  Wellness Parties are done at your home or venue with your friends and family.  The party host is free.  The cost is $25.00 per person.… pick the topics, we bring the lecture, food samples, and a free gift!  We don’t try to sell you anything at the parties, we just bring the education and the fun!
Healthy Shopper Program$250.  This is a two-part program.  This program includes a one-on-one nutrition counseling session to develop a healthy-eating plan that fits your nutritional needs, weight goal, lifestyle, and any medical conditions.  You will also schedule a separate and personal nutrition tour at a local health food store with your Nutritionist, OR an in-home food preparation lesson.  On the food tour, you will learn how to create a healthy food list, learn to shop on your budget, and learn how to read food labels.  During the in-home food prep session, you will learn how to cook healthy meals in bulk in order to stay on your personalized plan.
Sports & Competitive Fitness Nutrition: If you are training for a specific sport or for a fitness competition, our staff is experienced in prescribing the appropriate meal plan for your specific sport/event.  For Sports Nutrition, the fee is $175.00 flat for a consultation, personalized meal plan, and 1 follow-up session.  For fitness competitions, the cost of a meal plan and body-building plan is $175.00, then it’s $100.00 per month for coaching until show time.
We accept cash, check, or credit card.

Wellness By Sandra LLC Terms of Service

1.  Please give at least 24-hours notice if you wish to cancel a nutrition counseling session.  Without notice, you will be charged $25.00.

2.  Gift certificates are valid for one year after the purchase date and can be used toward ANY service.

3.  For Nutrition & Wellness Workshops, no refunds are issued but you can apply the unused amount towards ANY future Nutrition Class.

4.  For Family Nutrition, there is no limit to the amount of children in the immediate family.  Step-children are included, however, extended family (cousins, nieces, nephews, etc.) are not.

5.  For remote clients, payment must be made first in order to reserve a time slot with your Nutritionist.

6.  Payment IN FULL for the 12-week program must be made at the time of your initial consultation visit.  You cannot save sessions for later on, all sessions must be scheduled within the 12 weeks.

7.  For monthly maintenance clients, payment must be made first in order to reserve your next time slot.