About Me

Welcome to Wellness By Sandra, Inc.! We are a full nutrition and wellness center servicing New York for 5 years. We offer many types of nutrition services including one-on-one nutrition counseling, family nutrition counseling, a Healthy Shopper Program, Sports & Competitive Fitness Nutrition, Corporate Wellness, weekly group meetings, and we also offer Nutrition & Wellness workshops open to the public.


Our goal is to provide each client with a customized meal plan that fits his/her nutritional needs, current lifestyle, medical condition, and body-type.  We assist our clients until his/her goal is reached, with strong hands-on support along with mental support.  Our goal is to bring you to optimum health by creating balance in the body.  Imbalances cause diseases and disorders, therefore, finding balance and teaching you how to maintain it will give you a healthier and longer life.


Sandra Russak, CEO & Founder of Wellness by Sandra, Inc., is a Nutritionist, Health Coach, and a Certified Master Personal Trainer.  With 21 years experience as a personal trainer and 6 years experience as a Nutritionist and Health Coach, she has gained trust and love from many clients.  Please take a look at our testimonials to read about our healthy and satisfied clients.


Whether you have digestive issues (ulcers, Celiac, Crohn’s, IBS, food allergies, diverticulitis), diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, a vitamin or mineral deficiency, an eating disorder (including over-eaters), or pregnant, Wellness By Sandra, Inc. is experienced and capable to bring you to optimum health.  We are the only wellness center in Westchester County that offers many types of services that fit the needs of most populations.  Take a look at our “WBS in Action” section of our website to see the many communities (nursing homes, schools, health clubs) we have improved via our nutrition and wellness services.


Call or email us, as we would love to hear from you and assist you with any questions or concerns.  You can read more about our services by clicking on “Our Services” on our home page.  Click on “WBS Calendar” for dates and times of our Nutrition Workshops and whereabouts.


……Sandra Russak, CN, HC, CPT