Sandra is the best!

Sandra is the best!

It was the end of Feburay this year and my knees were killing me just walking and walking up stairs. At 27 that shouldn’t be an issue but it was. I was lost, overweight, and ate everything in sight be I was so depressed about how I let myself go. I needed guidance and knew I needed a change. I got my butt back into the gym where I met Sandra. She worked out a plan and step by step week by week I was loosing weight. Is it any easy road, absolutely not! I didn’t want a quick fix I wanted a lifestyle change. With working out and having Sandra I have lost almost 40 pounds. I still have a bit to go but I did it without any pre work outs, pills, and supplement. If you are thinking about doing this for yourself don’t hesitate. Sandra is so kind, so understanding, and very helpful I would definitely recommend her :-)


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